Drone Show

My twelve-minute drone show featured 108 illuminated drones performing in the night sky. Northcrest Developments, in collaboration with Luminato Festival Toronto and North York Arts, presented the free, family-friendly event, “Light Up Downsview”.

Free Event

On November 12th, 2022, Northcrest welcomed the community to the Downsview Airport Lands. The free evening of illuminated wonder showcased my drone show, “Turning In The Light”. In addition, the event offered complimentary hot beverages, DJ Elegance music, and Shadowland Theatre Company entertainment.

Northcrest Developments

“The Downsview Airport Lands are poised to become Toronto’s next destination for innovation, jobs, and vibrant public spaces. Furthermore, Northcrest was thrilled to welcome back the people of Toronto for Canada’s largest artistic drone show to date,” said Mitchell Marcus, Executive Director, Site Activation & Programming at Northcrest Developments. “Significantly, the event attracted many families plus tech and cultural enthusiasts to this free event at the normally restricted airport lands. We lit up the sky with a breathtaking display of aerial art!”

Mystery of the Cosmos

“Turning in the Light” is a twelve-minute drone light show with 108 independent drones enacting eight scenes in the sky, some based on my recent paintings. I explore the mystery of the cosmos as interpreted by architectural space. Using their expert vision, Northstar Drone Shows programmed the flight paths of the drones to paint each artistic image in the sky. For those unfamiliar with this technology, imagine fireworks set to music without loud explosions, air, or noise pollution. Afterwards, we welcomed the public to see the drone field up close and talk to the flight crew. An Ontario Arts Council grant partially funded the artist’s creation.

A dream comes to fruition

“I was so excited that my dream of painting magic in the sky came to fruition after two and a half years,” says Katharine Harvey. “Aerial cinematographers, Hexwing of Montreal, captured the show. Afterwards, I created a short film for the public and will create a series of paintings based on it.”

Northcrest Developments presents “Light Up Downsview” as part of an ongoing free cultural series. For more information, please visit www.northcrestdev.com/whats-on.

About Northcrest Developments

Northcrest Developments is a Toronto-based real estate developer leading the planning and redevelopment of the Downsview Airport Lands. Northcrest is wholly owned by the Public Sector Pension Investment Board (PSP Investments), one of Canada’s largest pension fund managers, which manages funds for the Public Service of Canada, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Canadian Armed Forces, and the Reserve Force.

About Luminato Festival Toronto

Luminato Festival Toronto is a convenor and catalyst for significant, bold contemporary works of art. Each June, Luminato kicks off the summer with a festival to welcome the world to Toronto, presenting, producing, and commissioning exceptional Canadian and international artists. Throughout the year, Luminato works with artists from the diverse cultures and communities of the city region, supporting creative development and bringing their art to the world stage. We connect local voices with global conversations and ground our work in equity, inclusion, accessibility, and sustainability. Most importantly, we believe in the power of art to start conversations and inspire audiences.

About North York Arts

North York Arts (NYA) is one of six Local Arts Service Organizations (LASOs) in Toronto whose purpose is to deliver on the City’s social, economic, and cultural goals outside of the downtown core. NYA addresses the needs and interests of artists, arts organizations and residents in North York.