BAU KUNST! exhibition

My recyclable plastic wall installation, “Shea’s Victoria XXIV”, is on view at Galerie Borchardt and BAID Architektur in Hamburg, Germany. Significantly, Jan Kage from Berlin curated the eight-artist show as part of Hamburg’s Architektursommer 2023. The festival promotes the collaboration between artists and architects. You can see more detailed images of the installation on my webpage here. As I have noted, my installation comprises hundreds of recycled plastic vacuum-form packages and cardboard.

Studio work in progress

I created “Shea’s Victoria XXIV” in my studio, working with recyclable plastic, which the local Toronto community and I collected. Afterwards, I dismantled it into six separate panels and shipped it to the gallery in Hamburg.

Paintings also on view

The gallery is showing four of my recent acrylic paintings from my Blueprint series. Contact me for more details about these paintings, which relate to my public artwork, “Shea’s Victoria”, in downtown Toronto.

To help tell the story, here are some photos from the event.

Photos from the event

Curator Jan Kage (crouching down because he is so tall!), myself, and gallery owner, Peter Borchardt.

As the evening started, Isabel Hueppe and I posed in front of the recycled plastic wall installation.

Later on, Julia and Rik Reinking dropped by from Woods Art Institute (WAI). Unquestionably, this dynamic duo run one of the most impressive private art centres I have ever visited. In addition, Rik Reinking is among the most knowledgeable and forward-thinking art collectors in the world. He fosters an inspirational place with his multi-talented wife, Julia, both of whom I am honoured to call my friends. The WAI private collection allows deep contemplation about culture and humankind.

On opening night, our good friend, Isabel Hueppe, myself, and my husband, Clemens Sels, finally relaxed with a refreshing drink.

Exhibition newspaper as a PDF

A PDF of the newspaper created by Galerie Borchardt and BAID Architektur is available below. It is written in German.