Public Art

Katharine Harvey: FLORAE, 2017-2020
Skunk Cabbage, 2017-2020, artist rendering of mosaic, 5.4 x 6 feet, installed at Chester Subway Station, Toronto Transit Commission, Toronto

FLORAE is a series of wall mosaics and art glass elements that serve to reflect the community that inhabits the Chester subway neighbourhood. The area is full of parks and green spaces, and the residents take pride in their gardens. Inspired by native plants and flowers of the area, the artwork draws from the sugar maple, eastern cottonwood, butternut tree, yellow coltsfoot flower, and red skunk cabbage, among many other species. Shifting and cascading hues depict the florae in changing seasons. The artist translates her ethereal paintings of light into colourful mosaics with their textural, glittering pieces of ceramic and glass. Mosaika of Montreal will be fabricating the mosaics. The project will be installed in 2020.